Opening an envelope and seeing the results of months of hard work on paper is a moment of joy for all of our students. But receiving your ICA certificate is more than just a piece of paper...

If you are interested in studying with ICA but would like to know more about our course levels, qualifications and study options, then f
ill in the form to download the ICA qualifications brochure.

This brochure includes: 
  • Benefits of professional qualifications
  • Which course is right for you 
  • ICA Certificates (introductory)
  • ICA Specialist Certificates 
  • ICA Advanced Certificates 
  • ICA Diplomas (advanced)
  • ICA Professional Postgraduate Diplomas (expert)
  • Study options 
  • Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
  • Your next steps and how to enrol

Download the ICA qualifications brochure