The new normal: how to ensure IT helps the NHS to move forward
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This HSJ webinar was held on Wednesday 24th March and looked at how the coronavirus pandemic has led to very rapid changes in how the NHS operates and how it interacts with the public. While some of these changes may be temporary, it is likely that others will be long term and will be beneficial to how the NHS delivers its services.

But further changes – and greater use of IT - may be needed to help the NHS meet the challenges ahead. As well as a massive backlog of elective work, it will have to deal with changes in how patients are used to interacting with services and expectations that it will swiftly be able to deal with delayed care and return to a new normal.

This HSJ webinar, in association with PA Consulting, asks:

  • What digital tools and infrastructure are needed to support changes to how the NHS operates? Which basic tools have yet to be adopted and how will these solutions work with existing processes?

  • What are the main drivers to persuade NHS staff and GPs to adopt different methods of working and how can their inherent motivation to help patients be harnessed to encourage uptake of digital tools?

  • How can patients be engaged and encouraged to use digital tools themselves? How can GPs help patients without access to digital technologies and what possible alternative pathways will they require?

Nick Carding, senior correspondent, HSJ

Nick Carding writes about technology and estates. He joined HSJ in March 2017 but began his journalism career in 2012 when he joined the Newark Advertiser as a sports and news reporter.

Three years later he became health correspondent at the Eastern Daily Press and was shortlisted for Specialist and Young Journalist of the Year at the Regional Press Awards (2017). He was also highly commended in the Mental Health Story of the Year category at the Medical Journalism Awards in 2016.



Indi Singh, digital healthcare expert, PA Consulting

Indi Singh is a healthcare expert at PA Consulting, who works across the UK health eco-system to help clients deliver plan and deliver digital transformations. He is currently focused on supporting the creation of digitally enabled integrated care systems, and digitally-enabled support for recovery to COVID-19, as well as cyber operational readiness. Prior to moving to PA. Indi spent 13 years at NHS England and NHS X including defining national strategy in the move to integrated care services and population health and then leading on working with localities in the delivery of local health and care records across the country. He was also the cyber lead at NHS England focused on board level readiness in the move to digital.

Charlotte Augst, chief executive, National Voices

Charlotte is the chief executive of National Voices. She came to London in 1997, after completing a law degree in Germany, to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of London. She holds a PhD in law and medical ethics. Charlotte has held senior positions in health and research policy – in Parliament, for national regulators, and in the charitable sector.

Since starting at National Voices, Charlotte has led a strategic reorientation of the organisation towards a more visible role for its members – their insight, practice and innovations – and towards grounding National Voices’ influencing work more explicitly in the experience of people who live with ill health, disability or impairment.

Dr Paula Cowan, chair, Wirral CCG

Dr Paula Cowan is the chair of NHS Wirral CCG and has been a GP partner at the Eastham Group Practice since 2003. She has been involved in CCG activity since 2010, as executive board member for Wirral Health Commissioning Consortium.
In 2015 she was appointed to the role of clinical lead for urgent care at Wirral CCG which she held until November 2016 when she was elected medical director and in 2019 she was appointed to the role of chair.
She has been instrumental in leading key projects including the digital programme, now chairing the Wirral System Digital Group and encouraging integrated working across partner organisations to facilitate transformational change in the delivery of health and care. 

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Daniel Woodruffe, chief information officer, Lewisham and Greenwich Trust

Daniel has 18 years of experience in the NHS, delivering digital services in acute, mental health and community settings. Passionate about the use of technology to improve patient care. He has been an NHS CIO for the last 5 years, and have recently completed the NHS Digital Academy.