[Report] AI And Ethics: Why Does It Matter For Compliance?

At ICA, our mission is to help the right business to be conducted in the right way. So, in the face of the widespread rollout of AI, how do we ensure that this new way of conducting business remains the right way?

To help find the answer, we have once again brought together thought leaders for our latest ICA Perspectives Report, AI and ethics: Why does it matter for compliance?

Sharing their expert insights from across the fields of compliance, law, academia, ethics, data protection and financial crime prevention, the report’s authors consider what is now a pressing matter for everyone witnessing the rapid adoption of AI technology. As well as highlighting the ethical issues at stake, our contributors provide advice and steps that can be taken to help mitigate the risks while maximising the benefits of AI.

Alongside key issues surrounding AI such as the transparency of decision making and lawful use of data, this report also explores emerging ethical concerns which should be on the radar of any compliance professional striving to ensure responsible use of AI in their workplace.

Download the report to learn more about:
  • Ethical and legal challenges to AI
  • AI, bias and threats to fairness
  • Issues surrounding accountability and privacy
  • Where is the AI and ethics agenda moving?

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