Smee & Ford Legacy Analysis Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register?

  1. Visit our registration page here.
  2. Select two people from your charity to give access to.
  3. You will then receive an activation email.
  4. Log in and view your free interactive dashboards.

How long will I have to wait to get access?

  • We will create your account and send you an activation email, it should take no longer than seven working days.

The link in my activation email has now expired, how do I get a new one?

  • Please email the customer services team at [email protected] who will re-send your activation link.

Where do I sign in?

  • You can sign in from the Smee & Ford website, on the right-hand side there is a log in button.

    log in LAP.PNG


How do I change my password?

  • To update your password, you must use the 'Forgot password?' link from the sign-in page.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset your password within the Legacy Analysis Portal.



Why did I get a security message when logging in to the portal?


If you get a security message such as the one below, which refers: to, we can confirm this is the Legacy Analysis Portal and it is relevant to your browser security and the Legacy Analysis Portal is no threat to your PC/browser or systems.  If you experience this issue please select the Advanced option and this will enable you to access the Legacy Analysis Portal.  If you have tried this and are still experiencing log in issues, please contact our Customer Services team at [email protected] and they will be able to assist you.

Connection not private


Select the dashboard you wish to view by clicking on tab at the top left corner - highlighted in yellow below.




Types of bequest:

Absolute and conditional wills.PNG  














Filter by bequest type, gender & value of legacy

Click on the bequest types you wish to view, you can also drill down further by selecting any of the drop-down filters (gender & value band).

Bequest filters LAP.PNG

What dashboards are included in the Free Legacy Analysis Portal?

  1. Bequest Volume: allows you to view bequests left to your organisation over the last five years. Filter by bequest type, gender and value to identify trends amongst your legators compared to the sector.
  2. Bequest value: allows you to understand legacy giving based on the value of the gifts from your legators. Compare your average gift value across different types of bequest compared to the sector.
  3. Number of charities contained in Will: provides you an overview of how often you feature as a co-beneficiary, giving the fundraising team an idea of how you are viewed as a charity.


How do I view my current legacies?

  • To see a breakdown of your current legacies, hold control and click both absolute and conditional. Remember to exclude the failed filter if you are using the tool for forecasting or want to view actual legacies

What does failed mean?

  • Failed bequests are those that did not result in a notification because Smee & Ford can tell (from details in the Will) that your charity will not be the final recipient of the gift. 

What do failed gifts show me?

  • Failed legacies, however, are listed in the portal as they show that your charity’s marketing efforts have encouraged a donor to include the charity in their Will – which you may not previously have been aware of. 

Understanding filters and how to apply them

What is a value band?

  • Value bands are a way for you to break down your legacy income by the size of the gifts, meaning you can use the Legacy Analysis Portal to help forecast more accurately and understand how your donors give based on the size of their gift.
  • Ensure that the Value Band filter is set to the correct number when you are looking at your bequests.

Can I filter by a custom date range?

  • It is not possible to filter by a specific date range, however, you can drill down into the data and view it by month, week, and by quarter.

How do I view gifts by day?

  • To change the view on the weekly bequests to daily click the plus button on the bottom left of the bar chart – you will need to hover your mouse over this area to see the buttons.

How do you work out the estimated residual values?

  • We use the formula below to work out the residual gifts:
(([Residual % on will]/100) * [Net value of will)) / 2

  • Ensure that when you are working with residual gifts in the tool that you remember how this formula works for passing information to teams outside of the legacy team.

weekly value LAP.png

The Enhanced Legacy Analysis Portal

Did you know we are the only provider who has access to ALL charitable bequests? Access to our unique data will take the guesswork out of your legacy strategy. The Portal not only gives you up-to-date insights from your own charity, peer charities, and specific causal areas but you can also easily identify the profile and behaviours of your past legators, define growth opportunities and analyse trends.
Find out more and watch this short video!