Free Webinar Series

Guidance for legacy fundraisers during Covid-19

Smee & Ford, in partnership with leading legacy fundraising consultant Richard Radcliffe, present a series of FREE webinars for legacy fundraising professionals looking for direction and advice during the Covid-19 crisis.

The series will offer practical advice and guidance on a range of topics including the right tone of voice to use during a crisis, how to communicate the benefits of legacy giving, how to sustain engagement throughout the pandemic and how to discover what your pledgers really want.

The webinars are also aimed at furloughed staff from the legacy giving and fundraising sector to ensure a continuing programme of learning.

Webinars include:

May 11th at 16:00

Communications during COVID-19: What to do right now  

What to do now during the virus and how to develop your communications skills to ensure happy prospects This webinar is also aimed at furloughed staff to ensure a continuing programme of learning during hard times.


  • The changing face and profile of Legacy prospects
  • Tone of voice in this crisis
  • Listening skills
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to ask questions
  • Key guidance on channels and voice control


May 21st at 09:30

Adapting strategies and internal culture during COVID-19 and beyond 

How to deal with staff/internal issues – they might be horribly negative about legacy giving during a deathly virus period. This webinar will include dealing with volunteers and Board/Trustee issues.


  • How to communicate need and benefit of legacy giving
  • How to engage every staff member
  • Trustee, SMT member and volunteers
  • How to sustain engagement  

June 3rd 09:00 

Cultivation and stewardship development during COVID-19

This is focused on ensuring enquirers and pledgers DO IT!   


  • How to find out what enquirers and pledgers want
  • The options in terms of events and one to one
  • Which channels work and how to sustain a campaign

All webinars will last for a maximum of 60 minutes and include time for Q&A.


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