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Looking ahead 2019
The NHS Long-term Plan: What does it mean for MedTech

Wilmington Healthcare’s Looking ahead 2019 explores the big questions about the NHS Long-term Plan for MedTech.

Looking Ahead 2019 answers:

  • What – in summary – does the NHS Plan change?
  • How will it affect the NHS payer landscape?
  • How will it affect how healthcare services are paid for?
  • How will it affect patient pathways?
  • What does the plan say about my therapy area?
  • How will the plan affect primary care?
  • How will the plan affect secondary care?
  • How does the plan affect industry?
  • From an account management perspective, what will be the documents to look out for?
  • What does the Plan say about technology?
  • Will the Plan improve MedTech market access?
  • What does the plan say about AHSNs?

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